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I love Koodo, I always get the best customer service, generally I have coverage where ever I happen to be (not always, but I'm more than satisfied.) My only issue is the DATA!!! I just checked my usage and I am being charged an additional 41 dollars on my upcoming bill for over use of data. I realize I should have been paying more attention, but when most other carries are offering plans with unlimited data, it is a little discouraging to see additional data charges here and there.. Especially when I already pay close to $80.00 a month.. Why does Koodo not offer unlimited data plans yet?

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Most other carriers? Only Wind offers unlimited data, and even then it's only in a Wind zone.
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You'd also have generally slower data speeds and choppier service because everyone's congesting the network. Plus, after 5GB they cut it down to negligible speeds as part of their fair usage policy so you'd have to wait a long time just to load a webpage or post anything to FB. It sounds great in theory but you get what you pay for. I noticed you tagged iPhone. Wind doesn't sell them. If you want an iPhone on Wind, you'd have to go buy one from the Apple store outright (generally around $600 to $700 for the 16GB models plus tax) that has the appropriate frequency for it (1700) and they do not provide any tech support for them. You'd have to contact Apple every time you need help with it.
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The carriers that offered unlimited data went bankrupt (Public and Mobile). Wind is on the verge of running out of cash. While I like the idea of unlimited data for a fixed price I would cut my home internet which I'm sure phone companies wouldn't want. Plus with unlimited there is always going to be some that abuses having unlimited and stream movies etc. which I have to beleive would slow down the network in dense areas like the downtown core of any major city.