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Data Not Working on Unlocked iPhone

I have just switch my unlocked iPhone over to Koodo from Telus but the data is not working. I have tried to sync with iTunes but I don't get the prompt to update my carrier settings and the carrier is listed as Koodo 14.0 instead of Koodo 10.1. Anybody have any ideas?

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can you make phone calls? If you can (shows that the SIM card and phone are working), try doing a factory reset, and re-syncing with iTunes..
The phone can make calls and text but data is not working. It seems like the APN settings won't update correctly
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I believe koodo 14.0 is still the correct carrier setting, just an updated version of the file. I'd recommend calling tech support and going through the basic troubleshooting. If it still doesn't work have them log a ticket to make sure there is nothing wrong on koodo's end. You may need to push to have a ticket logged. Data cannot be guaranteed on unlocked phones and some agents interpret this to mean that they can't log a ticket. They can. It still might not work though.
I was able to get data working by manually altering the APN settings. I used the website www.unlockit.co.nz to install a new APN Profile and it seems to be working.