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Data limit exceeded

My data limit has been exceeded and self serve has shown me that I've now entered "nationwide tier one", with 250mb of data. It lists the chargeable amount as 5 dollars. Will I still be charged five dollars whether I use the full 250mbs or just 10 of the 250mbs? Thanks 🙂

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Hi Siobhan, You'll be charged just the $10 extra, instead of your usual $5 🙂 Make sure you stay below the 250MB though, because if you exceed, that, you'll move up again to the next tier!
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This answer is only for you since there are many plans out there with different tiers so I'll direct others with a similar question to check their plan allotments and apply the answer accordingly: What plan are you on exactly? EDIT: I just re-read your question. You'll be charged 5$ for the 250mb regardless if you only use 10mb of it.