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I am 7 days into my billing cycle and I have apparently used up 75% of my data. The problem is that 95% of the time my data does not work nor do I get any service. I called a customer service rep and he didn't even help me. He said that they just provide the service and if the phone doesn't work thats a problem to discuss with apple. My problem is that I am not getting any service. My phone works fine. Also I want my data to work. My phone bill last month was double compared to what I normally pay because apparently I used too much data even though it does not work.

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Hi sdkn, Check out your APN settings at this link and make sure all your settings are correct: http://help.koodomobile.com/plans-add-ons-data-and-other-services/data-basics/how-do-i-setup-data-on-my-non-koodo-phone If they are, turn off the phone and remove the SIM card and leave it sit for a few minutes. Put the SIM card back in and see if it works. If it does not, check to see if you have any system updates available. If you have done all of this, then do as the sales rep said and contact Apple. The sales reps know what they are talking about, just because it is not what you wanted to hear, give them credit and do as they say. Especially with Apple, they have to refer customers directly to Apple, they don't support the devices Apple does and they have to do that because of the type of deals Apple makes with it's vendors.
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Hey there,

If you cannot get service on your phone, here are some steps that you may try: deactivate and reactivate your LTE/3G (Settings-Cellular-Enable LTE/3G). If that didn't work, you may need to reset your network settings (Settings-General-Reset-Reset network settings).  If you have a screen passcode you will have to introduce it in order to finish the reset. Please note that this action will delete all your saved Wi-Fi passwords. 

You can also manually choose Koodo as carrier (Settings-Carrier-Select network manually). 

Regarding the high data usage,  make sure that apps as iMessage, Facetime etc. are off. They tend to keep working in the background.You can also download a third party app (Onavo count, My data manager, Data man etc.) from the App store to check your data usage in real time and the apps that use it.

Hope this helps!