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Data in the USA

I'm wondering if I can purchase a sort of day-plan for my fiance.. She will be in the states and I am wondering if there is a way where she can have data for her iphone so we can stay in touch via facetime and imessage, etc.... any ideas???

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I would strongly go against using Facetime on mobile data while in the USA. Use wifi for that since there would be no charge from Koodo for using wifi in the states. The plans you see on Koodo's page are the only ones available for USA roaming. https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/add-ons/index.html
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Even if you add one of the roaming plans, you would rip through that data in less than 1 minute of a facetime call. Avoid using data in the states and I highly suggest only using iMessage and Facetime over WiFi.
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You could unlock the phone for this, but I don't think that for a few days it's worth it. You could always use normal text messaging by disabling iMessage