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Data block when limit reached

I think there should be a Data block on accounts when the limit is reached , then when you reach the limit if you want to acquire more Data than a password could be put in place so it can be obtained . This would be extremely beneficial for parents of children with phones who go over their Data on a regular basis and the extra Data fee is charged to the account , but if this was put in place then some people could allow their children to have Data plans and when they reach the limit they are done for that month , my son had a Data plan on his phone and he went over without me knowing and i had the extra charge , i was not happy about it and Data was taken off his phone , i would like him to have Data access but it to be controlled and i think this would be a way to do it , it could be set up during the initial setup or at a later date by people who request it. It doesn't have to be for everyone just people who request it.

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