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Data Block?

I have a question. So I have an iPhone and my friend texted me an image with her samsung but I didn't receive it. It said something about data block and it's activation. My question is if I do unactivate it using the self serve and turn my data on, am I going to get charged?

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you wont get charged if you just send and receive a picture message, however I would suggest turning off the data on your iphone itself and only turning it on if you know your friends and family are going to send you a picture. then turn it right back off after. (I only say this cause iphones tend to update a lot) its a bit of a pain but its the only way you can receive picture messages.
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I would advise connecting to a strong wifi signal when you turn on data to receive picture messages. The wifi signal doesnt even need an internet connection. Any data leakage will try to go via wifi while your picture downloads for free without worry of data leakage from background apps