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Why when I have a positive tab balance, my price is more than a new customer?

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Your plan does not automatically change just because your tab is paid off. You are free, however, to switch to any currently available plan at any time.
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Hi there!

I am not really sure but I think Rob is talking about the price of the phone with his positive Tab Balance compared to the price of the phone for a new customer (with activation credit for example).

Am I right Rob?

If so, this is because you don't see the activation credit (offer with some models) when you are logged into your Self Serve. However if you visit a Koodo Store, you'll see that you can use your positive Tab balance, plus the activation credit and the price will be more interesting 😉.

Hope this helps 🙂.


PS : please let me know if I am wrong Rob, I will remove this comment 😉.