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I called customer service because I made a payment on line with a credit card. At the end of the transaction there was no confirmation of transaction being completed successfully. It just droped back to the original screen. Is my payment received or not?? SO I call customer service as the the assistant only spews out online payments are credited immediately . My payment is not showing???
Calls to customer service result is "not being able to record your payment at this time" or "Call back during regular business hours" NO MATTER WHEN YOU TRY TO CALL
It looks like the Koodo online payment system does not work so i give up . Let koodo not be paid this month its their loss. I think I will check out Fido and Virgin and see

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Call 611 and choose the option to pay bill. If it says there is an outstanding amount, then it means payment did not go through.

Not paying doesn't result in Koodo's loss. It just means it dings your credit report, the balance goes to collections, and if you don't pay any remaining tab when you leave then your phone will be blacklisted. So choose wisely
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You should be able to see in your self-serve main page if there's an outstanding payment.
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It usually takes a couple of days for the payment to show on the account page.
Ah, threats now .....Choose wisely???? What about Koodo choosing wisely about customer service, about a functioning web payment system., Do you think that having a recorded message - Call back during regular business hours- when there are no regular business hours is choosing wisely?
Bleeding customers does not kill a business overnight BUT what is lost cannot be quickly reversed and replaced. yes think wisely
Anyway I will check with my credit card company to confirm payment and will not wait hours on hold to ask Koodo to reverse late charges that are firstly due to a malfunctioning online payment system.
But remember there is no tab and there is no contract.
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It's not a threat. Dennis isn't even a Koodo employee. It's a simple truth with ANY bill. You choose not to pay as some sort of protest, it WILL wreck your credit, be it Koodo, your power bill, or your credit card.

There are regular business hours. The Web payment system works for almost everyone. There is just a specific issue with yours for some reason.

You don even wait on hold anymore as you have to schedule a call back. Ou can go to Koodo.com / chat if you don't wanna call to schedule it.
Don't worry I don't leave bills unpaid. You can let that go. The message is playing right now so where is customer service during business hours? Its just a way to dump customers out of the call system when the back logs get too long . Read some of the other posts , "waiting on hold now for 2 hours".
Yes I've seen the call back option in the online assist but call backs are 3 hrs later, not a viable option for me , and read some of the posts - " its 1/2 hr after the call back time and koodo has not called"
Chat is the automated assist which has pre-programed answers, basically useless when things diverge from regular / normal.
Koodo please fix what is wrong with your system.
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Nothing is wrong with their system. They want less people to call in and more people to solve their problem by themsevles.
Yes something IS wrong with the system when there are incorrect recorded messages. And That is what it is forcing me to do, solve my problem by myself. The solution to my problem could be a different provider who answers the phone. when things go wrong.
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Yes but there's little reason for the people who don't wait abnormal.periods of time to come on here to say it all.worked out. None should be getting calls late but it happens. Otherwise you'll have to send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter if you're not gonna request a call back.

Don't expect there to be changes as they want people to not call in unless absolutely necessary. Send a message instead then.
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Hello there! Thanks for reaching out. As much as we would love to help you out, after checking the account, we do believe we will have to open a payment investigation. Would you please be so kind and send us a short Private Message on FB or Twitter so we can chat more about what happened? -Alexa
I have closed my facebook account due to hacking of accounts and would need to be logged in to send a message. Please provide another way to contact ie email for contact.
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I already did: Twitter. Create a random new email and randomized strong password to register then as well. Don't do anything with it besides direct message to Koodo.
Sorry but I don't have more time to spend with this. I will repay the bill again through my reliable bank and chalk it up to a learning experience. I don't have all day like Mobil Masters, so long guys
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You were willing to continue via email but not a 3 minute registration for Twitter? K. No need for personal attacks but whatever. Goodbye.