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Credit for error in US roaming

  • 9 August 2019
  • 2 replies

I was charged a US roaming charge of $8.00 when I was hiking on the coast. I made no calls or texts that I'm aware of. I spent 30 minutes being redirected back and forth from Koodoo assistant after calling Koodoo. No success in speaking with anyone or receiving credit or proper explanation. I did manage to turn off the 'automatic' settings on my phone, but it had never been an issue before. Despite hiking in this same area many times and crossing over to the US frequently. I would like credit for this, and seem unable to receive assistance at all. Poor service from Koodoo, and am now considering changing carriers over this.

2 replies

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Since it's a billing issue you need to speak with a rep.

You need to request a callback via koodo assist. Then you can select from a list of times to receive a callback
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You can also specify Koodo as your sole carrier in the cellular settings of your phone. Just switch from Automatic carrier selection, and choose Koodo from the list which populates.