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Credit Check and ID Req. Please HELP! :(

What happens if you fail the credit check will I not be eligible to get my own phone? I want an iPhone 5C with the $75 plan unlimited anytime minutes / unlimited text / unlimited evenings and also the 2GB of data. Would a health card and a birth certificate be an okay ammount of ID for the ID that you need to bring?

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If you fail then you don't qualify for a monthly plan. Your other option is prepaid or maybe try another provider. Photo id is required. Like a drivers license. A passport works as well http://help.koodomobile.com/getting-started-with-koodo/before-you-purchase/do-you-perform-a-credit-check
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You might be eligible to get Tab M/S but not L (which you were planning on doing anyway). You don't know until you try. Health card in Ontario doesn't work and birth certificate isn't accepted either. You NEED at least 1 of these 3: driver's license (or equivalent provincial ID card), a Canadian credit card, or your SIN. For the 2nd piece, you can use any of the above 3 that wasn't already used or the other accepted forms of ID include Indian status, passport, permanent residency, or proof of citizenship. Make sure you have proof of address, too, if you don't have a DL/Photo ID card. Something as simple as a bank statement is fine.