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Can you sell back a phone for credit? Or what is the warranty on phones that break through user-error? 😞

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Which phone do you have and what happened to it?
Iphone 4S- dropped it in the toilet
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When was the device purchased and is it under Applecare+ If the device is covered under Applecare+, you are covered for 2 accidental damages (there will be a processing fee). You can also try to 'save' the phone by making sure it's powered off and leaving it in a bag of rice for a few days. If this is doesn't work, some stores (not Koodo though) will purchase damaged phones...
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You have to bring it to Apple and they can replace your phone for a fee.
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Apple is known to be generous at the Genius bar but I wouldn't assume they would give you a new phone for free. Even with Applecare+, you have to pay a $79 service fee for accidental damage (up to 2 incidents) https://www.apple.com/ca/support/products/iphone.html