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Hi there, Im just wondering if you have something similar to "family plans"? I am currently with Rogers, and would LOVE to switch over to Koodo. My fiance is with Koodo currently and has been for roughly one year now and has had absolutely no issues with your services! Im not sure if you have anything like a couples plan that we could share, or if i could be added on to his plan at all? I know Bell and Rogers has family plans and what not, but was just curious as to what you could offer me

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Hey Casey, This is an open forum most of us herte are customers of koodo, so you get everything from the mouth of the users. 🙂.It depends what you mean by family plans. All of koodo's plans come with unlimited texting, no need to share. If you and your fiance open 1 account with 2 lines than talking amongst you is also unlimited. Koodo doesn't offer data sharing, but I personally don't mind that at all. I like to have my own data and koodo's offer is decent. It seems koodo has the happiest customers based on the annual jd power award they just got again. http://canada.jdpower.com/en/ratings/telecom/canadian-wireless-total-ownership-experience-study/stand-alone/
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No, there's no sharing on Koodo. Your line can be added to his account.