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"Could not activate cellular data network" message - how to fix this?

Unlocked iPhone 4s purchased from Apple two years ago (out of warranty) running IOS 7.0.6 (11B651) I raised this with Koodo and I have now had two calls with them and tried several fixes without success. I suspect that is the end of Koodo support as they probably suspect the problem is with my phone? For over a month now, while on any WIFI network I can use Safari, get mail, and use all my other apps (e.g., Weather, Stocks, etc.) without a problem. But if I switch WIFI off (but I still see “Koodo 3G” on screen) and then try Safari, or other apps I get the message "Could not activate cellular data network. You are not subscribed to a cellular data service" But I do have a data plan with Koodo and it was working up to a month ago and Koodo tech support says I have an active plan. My wife, who is on the same account and also has an iPhone 4S, does not have any problem. I have tried a “reset Network settings” without success. In “settings > Cellular” Cellular Data and Enable 3G are both “on”. In “settings > Cellular” “Use cellular data for:” Safari, Stocks, Weather, and many other apps are “On” In a response to an earlier post of this problem Dennis suggested I check self serve to ensure I don't have data block on? I went to self serve but was not sure where to look but after checking everything I could see I saw nothing that looked like my phone was being blocked. Is it likely my phone is failing and I will need to get it repaired? Or are there any other suggestions?

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I know this sounds like a stupid question but did you ever use a blackberry or are you on a blackberry plan?If so, this might cause the issue.Also for giggles try swapping out the sim cards to isolate the issue with the phone or the sim card. Let us know how it goes.
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@Rocky - Even if he did have a Blackberry plan, data should still work. @BC Eddie - Since you activated that phone with Koodo, have you synced it with iTunes? When/if you do that, there should be a pop-up asking if you want to update the carrier settings. This would happen with an updated version of iTunes. Keep in mind, there are cases where unlocked phone will not work with data. It is very rare, but still possible.
@Rocky - No, never a BB user. However you swap suggestion was brilliant. I did that and now see that my phone still fails to get data and my wife's is still fine. So it looks like my phone is the problem. @Zaphod - Yes since initial activation I have synced it many times. And for almost two years my phone was working with data - it has just failed in the last month. I just re-synced with iTunes (and also installed IOS 7.1) just in case but no joy - still get the same message and no data while on cellular only. Thank you both for your helpful suggestions.
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Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings