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costumer service offer has not been showing on my bill?

I had spoken to a customer service rep about a month ago , I had called Kudo to complain about my service and he was very nice and resolved my problem he also recognize that I had been with Kudo for many years now and wanted to leave me a happy customer so he offered me to have $10 off my bill each month , I was left very satisfied with the service but now I am noticing on my bill I do not see the $10 off for the past month , i'm paying much more than I should because I told him that I was not able to have Wi-Fi in my house always which is why he offered me the $10 off my bill to help me out a bit .. how can I go about getting this resolved once again ?

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You'll have to call koodo again. 😞 None of us here can apply the $10 discount you mentioned to your account. Are you sure he meant $10 off your bill and not $10 off a tab or 10% off your plan or something like that? Good luck Nicole!
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This is the first time I have ever heard of Koodo offering a reoccurring retention credit like the big 3 do. Usually the credits Koodo offers are off the tab or bill but they are one time only (regardless of your home wifi situation, which is not at all relevant to Koodo and their services). I hope you got the name of the rep that helped you last time. Like Daniel said, you will have to give koodo a call (*611 on a koodo cell, it's a free call). You can also send Koodo a message https://secure.koodomobile.com/account/appmanager/support/contactus However, be prepared for the answer that a reoccurring discount is not possible
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I'm totally with Dennis on this. A recurring discount for not having wi-fi in your house to presumably lower you data charges seem unfair to everyone else. But that's just my break cents.