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cost of upgrading iphne 4 to iphone 6.

hello, I have an iphone 4 and my contract just expired. i would like to upgrade to an iphone 6 and keep my existing plan, is that a possibility? and how much will it cost?

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How much is your plan? If it's $30 and over you can keep it with a Tab Medium by paying an extra $5 for the Tab Charge. The iPhone 6 on a Tab M is $474.99 in store. If your plan is under $30 you will only be able to keep it with a Tab Small, making the in store cost of the phone $624.99.
Hey Alysha! Just to understand where you're coming from, you mentioned contract, are with a different service provider and looking to switch to Koodo and keep a similar monthly plan? Hope after this, then we can clear some things up for you! -H
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If you have anything remaining on your tab, that would have to paid paid off then you could do what Justin said. It sounds like it is Isince you mentioned you "finished your contract" and I know a lot of customers always say that when they mean they cleared their tab