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Corporate plan with Bell mobility...can I switch to kodoo without a penalty

I have another 10 months on a corporate plan from my work through Bell mobility. I no longer like or want this plan and would like to go with Kodoo. Is it true that after 2 yrs of a 3 yr contract you do not have to pay a penalty for ending the contract?

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You better contact Bell directly and ask them, MaryAnn. I don't think Koodo can speak for them and better safe then sorry! My guess is though that if you signed a 3 year contract, they won't "let you go" after 2 years unless you pay some penalty.
Thank you...I will do that.
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That's a tricky one, as your company might actually be liable for the contract. I know that at my work, if I was to pull a move like that I would have first to transfer liability to "personal" from corporate...thus incurring any penalties down the road.