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Converting from android phone (standard SIM card) to iPhone (nano SIM card)

Changing from Koodo android (standard SIM) to unlocked iPhone 5 (nano SIM) from another carrier. (Unlock achieved using iTunes backup and restore process). Question is, when I begin the iTunes restore, do I insert the new Koodo nano SIM or leave the prior carrier nano SIM throughout the process. If I am required to insert my newly purchased Koodo nano Sim, does it need to be activated on self-serve first?

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Hmm. To be honnest, each time I unlocked and iPhone connecting to iTunes and syncing it did the thing. But if you want to do the whole iTunes process I'd tell you you need to have the new nano SIM card in it. Keep us posted KEn!
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Hi Ken, I'd recommend putting in the Koodo nano sim. And yes, the sim card will need to be activated. If you need help moving your Android content to the iPhone, Apple also has a handy guide here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT6407?viewlocale=en_US#281 Cheers, Perter
Thanks guys for your input. No problems with the whole iTunes backup and restore process. When I drop in the activated Koodo nano SIM, I get the message that the card is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server. I can only interpret that to mean that the phone is not unlocked, even though AT&T have assured me it was effective yesterday. Tried Apple Support, but they weren't much help. I have read some discussions which suggest there can be a significant lag after unlock (as much as 7-10 days). Perhaps the best thing to do for now is wait a few days and try again....
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Ken Newton wrote:

Thanks guys for your input. No problems with the whole iTunes backup and restore process. When ...

I would continue to hound A&T if they said they unlocked it. This link may help to see if it has been unlocked http://www.imei.info/check-warranty-unlock/ Or you can visit an Apple store and they can tell you as well
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Hi Ken, It does sound like the phone hasn't been unlocked yet... You can also check if the phone is unlocked by doing the following: http://www.iphonehacks.com/2013/06/check-iphone-unlocked.html Cheers, Peter
I concur. AT&T say that the unlock comes with the update to the carrier settings when restoring the iPhone on iTunes (which I have now done 3 times). Seems that hasn't happened. Tried IMEI.info but the service is temporarily unavailable, so can't confirm either way. And, yes - I will keep up the pressure on AT&T for a couple of days before making the trek to an Apple store... Thanks again....