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I have placed an order, online and through KOODO (Prepaid), an Iphone 7 plus (Black jet). But due to long delivery time (Nov.), let me know how I could change it, to receive sooner ?

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You can not do anything to receive it faster unfortunately 
Thanks a lot, but disregarding the delivery, couldn't I change the color (from black jet to ordinary black) ?? If not, what is the meaning, that it was written, during placing order, that we could cancel and claim for pay back, within 15 days after order time ? Thanks for your reply in advance,
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You can cancel your phone order indeed. But you wouldn't keep your place in line. So if you place a new order today, chances are that you will receive the phone even at a later date then what you've been originally quoted. So changing the color or size wouldn't be the best thing to do since the iPhone 7 Plus is out of stock
Thanks, but in KOODO's web., I could not find how to cancel. WHERE should I go or click. I want to cancel even, as if then I could go outside and by full payment, buy a new, but sooner. Thanks again
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From Contact Us page
Koodo Webstore:
If you need assistance with an order you placed online at koodomobile.com, contact the Koodo Webstore team at 
koodo.webstore@koodomobile.com or 1-844 566-3697. Please have your order number handy.