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KOODO COMMUNITY, what do you think of this? I got my phone on august 8th, and today it is the 19th, my phone has been suspended for around a week now. It was suspended for some suspicious activity, but guess what? I got the phone call and wasnt able to take it at 10 am on august 13th, and at 10:34 am an email was sent to my mom saying i have scheduled to close the account on the 19th, which is today ( even when i called today i got no answers on whether my account is up or not) . I wasnt aware of this until days after, but on the 13th I called at 12 regarding the suspension text i received, they tell me to get my mom to fax over the info. she does the next day, which was a wednesday. its now monday, and I look up on my self serve account that there is now an $411 balance due.. how? I havent even used my phone. AND note that I have been calling everyday to check in. My KOODO network is no longer avaible off my phone so i have to use a APP off my phone that charges me 1.99$ for 46 minutes, thats if the number in my city. Im getting NO ANSWERS as to why the account has been suspended or what these charges are, AND I dont even know if my account has been closed! What is this? on the 13th I got the email saying that I had supposedly scheduled for my account to be closed, but today I received one regarding how my first e bill works and all that. KUDOS to you KOODO for false ads, you guys say its easy and simple with koodo, i beg to differ.

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From the sounds of it you were the victim of fraud. At least that's what I think. And once your account is flagged suspicious I don't think the reps can do much. They may even have a special team dealing with these things. I don't know who you faxed what but it doesn't sound like koodo. Whoever got hold of your account managed to rack it up by basically stealing your info. Once koodo figures out what happened I'm sure they waive the charges. By the way it doesn't matter what phone company you are with this would have been the same with any one of them.
Chris Petersens wrote:

From the sounds of it you were the victim of fraud. At least that's what I think. And once your a...

They said it may have been fraud, something about someone trying to get free phones or something off the account holder, and yeah the reps I've talked to have told me that they cant tell me whats happening since the investigation is a different department. One rep told me to take my phone back, and just open a new account .