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Confused about unlocking etc.

I am in the UK for 6 months from canada for an extended vacation, and would like to keep using my iphone while I am here. I am on one of the tab plans, and have been on it for a year. I can't recall which plan it is, but I pay around $80/month for it (including the tab). I have been told I should pay $35 to unlock my phone and then buy a new sim card here in England. BUT... I am not sure how this is going to benefit me. Will I lose my Canadian Koodo number? Do I have to pay off my tab? How do I know how much of my tab I still have left to pay off? Will I still be paying my $80 fee to Koodo on top of whatever I pay for the new service in the UK? Is there a way to suspend my Koodo account without losing it and my number altogether? Please help. Thanks

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You will not lose your canadian number. You will not have to pay off your tab to unlock it, but are still liable for the remaining tab on its regular repayment schedule (i.e every month) You can check the amount remaining on the tab by logging in to selfserve on the koodo website Yes, you will still have to pay your Koodo monthly fee. However, you can suspend your account temporarily through selfserve on the website. This will reduce the monthly payment to around $30 or so. You benefit by using the UK sim instead and avoiding international roaming fees which are too damn high
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Hi there, Regressions is right! However, the Seasonal Hold costs $15 a month. Since it's a change of plan (it can be done via Self Serve), you'll have to choose a new one if yours is not offered anymore upon your return. You'll also find more information about unlocking your phone on this link: http://koo.do/1q5gyTB. Thank you! ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.