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Complaint about a bill and service

  • 16 August 2020
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I got 420CAD taken out from my account for my bill in March. I tried to immediately contact someone but due to Covid 19, I couldn’t reach anyone over the phone. I just lost my job at the same time and was horrified by the amount. I couldn’t understand. After overlooking at my bill it looks like my plan also counts coming in phone calls !!!! I was not even aware of that !!! What plan would offer something that bad. My parents were colling me from a free number but my minutes were still taken away. This is why I got so heavily charged. That is crazy ! I tried the chat thing but it is a machine that repplies automatically. And when finally I understood that it was impossible to contact anyone from Koodoo to find a solution, I waitied that shops reopened to speak to a human being. I got told from there that koodoo was only working with call backs ! I couldn’t beleive it…

So I finally got a call back and the guy told me he couldn’t help me with the amount, so he transfered me to a different department...I waited for 2 hours and lost the call….

I wish someone had called me back. I have been a client for many years and have been treated so badly. 

I now work full time and it is very hard to find 3 available hours to get a hold of them. 

I don’t know what to do to get my money back. This is a real theft for me.

As soon as I have finishing paying my phone, i am going to leave this horrible company ! I feel they take advantage of people and it is such a mistreatment. 

Worse customer service ever !!!!! 


4 replies

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Unfortunate that your call got hung up on. You can feel free to schedule another callback at koodo.com/chat or message Koodo directly via facebook.

In the meantime you can add a $2 unlimited calling add-on onto your account so that you don’t go over your minutes any more. Most plans now a days have unlimited minutes but even up until last year a lot only had 500min so it definitely pays to check up on this stuff often to avoid this in the future.

All the other carriers are the same way. Hopefully Koodo can help you out with some of the extra overage though!

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To get the Unlimited Anytime minutes add on  is by texting MOREMIN to 7780.

Just a note. Both incoming and outgoing calls are counted for your minutes. If you went over your minutes and got charged, then it’s not theft.

They were  generous about minutes overage related to Covid around that time.  You could contact them through FB and ask them some reductions. There is no guarantee, but I would try.

Customer Service is amazing in Canada but clearly not with Koodoo.


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Customer Service is amazing in Canada but clearly not with Koodoo.

Mistakes happen, im sure they didnt mean to hangup on you, like I said, schedule another callback and see if they can help you out.