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Christie Read

I ordered the iPhone 6 on a $15 tab at 0.00 upfront a few days ago. Once I completed the process it appeared that the order was successful however I didn't receive any sort of confirmation email and the tab information still reflects as $0. Any help would be appreciated as I m worried the order was not actually processed. To clarify, I do not have an order number to provide since I didn't receive a confirmation email.

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Hello Robert,

I believe that there might be a chance the order didn'T get through. Some people come on the community to say they haven't received another information after their confirmation e-mail, but it looks like you didn't even receive the first one. If the transaction didn't go through, I'm not sure an employee can check that. I'd suggest going to call your VISA card to see what was the last transaction.
Thanks for the quick repsonse! The thing is, I didn't have credit card information on file, I assumed since there was $0.00 owing as a result of my tab and special it wasn't necessary. Additionally, since I wouldn't have been charged as the cost was fully applied on tab, I wasn't able to review a transaction in that regard, that was what made it difficult to try and figure out. Just to clarify for the future, when there are no charges applied (as a result if $0.00 upfront costs) is a credit card required on file for the order to successfully process? I really appreciate the information you have provided me and I will follow up by phone or in store to inquire further.
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Hi Robert. I believe you do need to have a credit card on file as they are still charging you a monthly tab fee (subject to credit approval) , even if there is no upfront cost.
That makes sense now in hindsight. Thank you for the clarification!