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Checking voicemail from another country

I'm currently in another country and need to check my voice mail.  I hear my own greeting but when I press * it tells me I need to use my own phone to set up voice mail.  I don't understand - I AM using my own phone, just a different SIM card.  
What can I do?

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Hey Marc,

Koodo is moving to a new voicemail system, so you’ll need to set-up your password the first time you log in. The same personalized greetings, settings, and common functions you set up in your old mailbox will be transferred to your new mailbox. You can use this link: http://koo.do/1RJILOG to configure your voicemail.

Please note that you cannot configure your voicemail for the first time from another phone. Once you've configured your voicemail, you will be able to call your voicemail from another number. Please keep in mind that calling your voicemail from overseas will use roaming minutes.

Let us know if you have more questions!
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Using * or other system numbers is usually baked into the local SIM. And even if you are using your original Koodo phone while roaming, *611 may just connect you to the local home network, at which point you are not recognized as a core customer and kicked aside.
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Hey! Since you're not using your Koodo SIM we can help you to set it up.  You can contact our technical support team on our international phone number at +1-647-788-4337. Thanks 🙂