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Charging phone problems

Hello , im having an issue with my phone. It keeps dying so quickly what can I do ? I don't always have it on the charger I let it die completely. One day I had my phone at 19% and it went down to 1% and after that it died .. Can I just get a new phone im tired of this one !

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Download an app called clean master. It automatically shuts off any backround apps you may have running. It's very easy to use and is user friendly.
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How old is your phone? "...Can I just get a new phone im tired of this one !" - You can upgrade your phone any time. All you have to do is pay off your tab and get a new one. Try Rocky's suggestion first and see if it makes any difference.
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Sounds like the phones' battery is showing signs that it can no longer hold a charge. Usually when battery/charging problems occur the way you describe, the battery is generally at fault. If the phone is less than a year old, battery replacement is free and covered under warranty. Lithium ion batteries don't have to be discharged all the way to 0%, in fact, this can do more damage to the battery over time by reducing it's usable lifespan. When the battery reaches 10%, put it on charge.