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Charged twice, error messages, still shows owing

I was paying my monthly bill (online as usual) and i got an error message please refresh page twice, i kept trying hoping itd work and then left it for a few hours. I check my emails later and whenever my credit is used i get direct emails from bank, and i see 2 messages saying ive been charged 77.56 (my bill) TWICE. I logged back onto koodo and it still ahows i owe. I tried calling over and over but due to high call volume, no one has answered. I messaged their facebook page and still nothing. This is the third day of no response and as its christmas i REALLY need my money back asap.

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Try contacting your bank and see if they can help you out.
They said its none of their business, they cant do anything ill have to call the company myself, but i cant because its STILL high call volume please call back later ive been trying for days
No reply from my fb message either, this is ridiculous there is nobody available to help me
This is exactly the same thing that happened to me yesterday. Myself and my sister must have spent an hour or more on hold * each* was charged twice and as you say it is Christmas and I’d love to have my money back.