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CHarged for month already when I just activated my phone, wrong price for plan I signed up for

Why am i being billed for a month already when I just signed up for an account Aug 26th? My bill says $54 for the period of Aug 26-Sept 1. I already paid my activation fees etc. Also, my plan that I signed up for was $40 (500MB of data, 500 calling min) since I brought my own phone so why am I being charged a $48 monthly service plan?

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Here's everything you need to know about your first-bill or pro-ration. Take a look at this video hoping it will make you understand

Source: http://help.koodomobile.com/my-bill/charges-explained/charges-on-your-first-bill

Here's a PDF of what your first bill may look like : http://koodomobile.com/samplebill.pdf
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Hi Fatemah - the video and PDF that Robert shared above are indeed the best explanations for what to expect on your first bill. You're always charged in advance for the upcoming month and any overages incurred in that period appear on your following bill.

I reviewed your account and you are indeed on a $40/mth plan, which gets you 500mb, 500 daytime mins. and unlimited evenings and weekends. This is the charge from Sept. 2 (when your billing cycle officially begins) to Oct. 1. You were also charged a separate $8 for the partial billing period between Aug. 26 (when you activated your line) to Sept. 1 (as your billing cycle will reset on the 2nd of every month). Hence, $48 plus taxes for your first bill. As long as you don't incur any overages, your monthly charge moving forward should only be $40 plus taxes.

Hope this helps.