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Charged for Data when I didn't use it

Up until a few minutes ago, I had a plan that included pay-per-use data. I never used the data once - only internet when connected to wifi. Anyways, I went online to switch my bill and I saw a $5 overage charge for overusing my data (I got assigned 1mb per month.)
I wanted to phone Koodo and have them remove that when I get billed next month, but it seems Koodo charges you for nearly every phone call you make. I did just switch to a plan with some data - will that erase the charge? Who can reverse the charge for me?

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Hi Noah.

Too many people come here to say that they never used data but got charged for it. If it charges you for data, it means you used it. Just pay the fee, and learn from it. Often if you pass the phone to someone else, they may turn the data on to check a website or emails. On iphones you can go in the data settings and see what app used how much data during the month. If you never use data, why don't you get a data block put on the account? It will stop you from sending or receiving MMS messages, but at least you won't ever use data by accident again. 

If you really insist on fighting the charge, call Koodo using *611. They won't charge you to inquire about billing or to add a data block if you choose to do so. 

As for what seems to be your plan, did you recently change to a new plan that included 1gb of data?
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Hi there... First at all, there is no charge to call customer service, they will be more than happy to give you a hand... Charges apply only when they make changes in your account that you are able to make at no cost using your Self service account... As far as the charge you have for data usage, it will appear on your next bill even if you changed your plan... Whatever happened prior the change will appear on next bill...