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Charged for Data during set up

I just got by bill and saw that I was charged for Data on the day I called in to set up my phone (January 11). My phone plan includes data - why would I have been charged?

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Hello Wade.

How much were you charged? Not sure that this is normal. Did you check your bill at pg.3?
Thanks Robert. On one of our numbers I was charged $15.35 and on the other number $15.30. I received a reversal notice for one, could you also look into the other?
These were each for data on Jan 11 and then on Jan 12 our plan kicked in and we are only paying the monthly fee.
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Hi Wade - looks like the charge was applied incorrectly due to a system outage that happened during this same time-frame. The error has been corrected and your balance has been updated. 

That said, we also found that you're on an out-of-province plan that you're not eligible for. Please change this to an Alberta-based plan within the next 7 days, or we will have to pick a plan of similar dollar value for you.