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Changing to new plan with existing phone and old Koodo tab plan

I have had a promotional plan for 2 years now ($39/month for 400  minutes, 400 MB of data, Unlimited messaging). My tab is paid off, I do not want to upgrade my phone as I'm still satisfied with my current iPhone 5s. I have noticed some of the new plans offering much better plans then what I currently have such as: $49/ month for Unlimited minutes, 1 GB of data, Unlimited messaging; $57/month for Unlimited minutes, 2 GB of data, Unlimited messaging. Both of these plans are currently better offers, but after seeing everyone rant about the new tab, I don't quite understand where I fall in all of this could someone give me a better understanding of the situation. Thank you

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You should be able to switch to the new plans by going onto Self Serve and selecting the new plan. It's fairly simple. Plans are basically separated from the Tab now.

There's also a bonus GB of data on those plans, which may or may not be available in Self Serve. You could try calling into customer service to see if they can push it through for you.
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Hey Gabriela! Just to clarify Jonathan's comment. The additional 1GB was a Black Friday promotion, and you had to do a new line activation or phone upgrade on an eligible plan to benefit from it. Since you were only looking to change rate plans, you would unfortunately not have gotten the additional 1GB. Since you are on the old Tab system, your self-serve account will only show you plan options for the old Tab. To see the new plans, please call us in at *611 and have an agent switch you over. As Jonathan explained, the new Tab only really affects you when you get a new phone. Now, the total amount that you will put on the tab will be divided in 24 and added to your monthly rate plan. You can look at it as a 24 month interest free financing of your device. :)