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Changing phone

Hi, I recently got a new phone (not from koodo) and was going to change my phone.

However, when I logged into my account on Koodo, it said that "online changes for this service have been suspended" and instructed me to call Koodo 

I would really prefer not to be charged a service fee for calling.  

I've already bought a new sim card for this new phone from Koodo and only need to update the information online.  

Is there any way I can change the suspension so that I can activate my phone online?

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You will not be charged a service fee for anything that you cannot do yourself on Self Serve. Additionally, if your new phone uses the same Sim card size as your old one, you can just put in your old card and you don't need to activate anything.
my old phone was the iPhone 4s, new one iPhone 6s the sim is smaller, unfortunately