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Changing contract to get iPhone 6

  • 21 September 2014
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I've been with Koodo for 2.5 years but not under a phone contract (I bought both of my iPhones I've had with Koodo upfront, like $800 each time, so I'm basically paying month to month but it's not a prepaid plan obviously) so would I now be eligible to switch to a contract so that I can get the iPhone 6 for cheaper? I also have $150 saved up on my tab to use towards a new phone. I'm a university student with bad credit so I don't think I was originally eligible for a contract based on my credit alone so that's why I bought the other phones full price. I could always just sell my current iPhone + use my tab credit and pay like $500 for the new one but it would be more convenient if they'd let me switch!

4 replies

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Yes you can use your positive tab. Koodo doesnt really do contracts, they do Tabs. With a Tab S they Take $150 off the phone. Any plan, new or old will qualify. But I would recommend taking the Tab M (You will need an old plan thats $30 or more or any current plan to qualify). Note that with a Tab M there is a monthly $5 tab charge that goes against paying off your tab and after 2 years your Tab M is guaranteed to be zero. Not only that, but you get an additional discount buying iphones from Koodo on a Tab M that ends up being cheaper than if you got the iphone from Apple. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/love-the-koodo-iphone-6-and-6-plus-launch-pricing
Yes you can use your positive tab. Koodo doesnt really do contracts, they do Tabs. With a Tab...Okay thanks I'll ask them about it in store. The plan I've had for past 2.5 years was $70 so I should be good then!
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You might be better off to use the medium tab It would basically be $150 (your tab) + $300 (med tab used) + $100 (notice under phones for iphone 6 16GB - •Save an extra $100 on Tab M!) = $550 cost of phone $775 - you would have to pay $225 If you used the tab L you would have to change your plan to a specific plan with tab L and use $150 (your tab) + $500 (large tab used) = $650, you would have to pay $125 Look at the plans that you would have to change to using tab L versus the plans that you could have using the medium tab - then make up your mind from there 🙂
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As Dennis said, if you look at the phones under koodomobile.com then they do give a discount for new iphone purchases. does not say that you need to get it through the web store either.