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change province

  • 8 June 2016
  • 4 replies

I opened the phone from Vancouver. But I will be moving to the area in a distance of about two hours from Edmonton, Alberta. It should change the area code. Is it possible to change directly from the website Koodo? If it possible, Where can I change?

4 replies

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Since you are changing provinces, you will have to change call into Koodo to do that
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There is no charge to change to a number in a different province, but it has to be done through customer service. Just make sure they know the change is due to a move and they'll waive the usual $25 service charge. changes within the same province can be made free of charge through self serve.
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Hey there! Once you update your address on self-serve, you should be able to change your phone number to a local number from that area.  If it doesn't work, then give us a call as Dennis & Chadwick suggested and we will more more than happy to help 🙂
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OR, cause there is no long distance, just keep your number! 🙂