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Hi, i'd like to change my phone and have the iphone 4....However, there's no koodo shop in my region. The only place where i can find koodo product is at the cellshop of future shop but they don't have iphone4 anymore and the guy told that they wouldn't receive others. So i'd like to know if it's possible for you to send one iphone4 at my name at this place or some place else so i can change my phone and not have to drive 300km to go buy one. thanks

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I don't think Koodo will do that through the Forums. Have you called Koodo's Customer Support to see what your options are?
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Even if we are speaking about the iPhone 4, It is only available in Koodo Shops. You may also call the nearest Koodo Shop to see what they have to say and to see if there is a different option...
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Hi Vincent-Elie, unfortunately we can't ship this phone as it's only available in store. You can always get an unlocked one and activate it on your account. Then, simply get the MicroSIM card online and you're good to go!
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Do you have a Mobile Shop nearby? We're located inside of Loblaws stores (includes Superstores, Zehrs, Maxi, etc). We have iPhone 4 8Gbs in stock. I just got 2 black ones today. White ones got backordered on me, unfortunately. Whereabouts are you located?