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Change of plan within Tab Large in 2 days of activation. Is it possible?

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Yesterday, I opened a new line under my existing account with Tab Large. I wrongly chose 6GB instead of 2GB. Self serve at home won't let me to change the plan until next billing cycle which is mid-January. Can the mistake be changed within 2 days of activation? Also, I was told ( by Best Buy) that adding a new line can be awarded a discount of $5 to the plan. Is it true?  I don't see it in my account. Maybe I misunderstand it. Thanks.

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After talking to the Koodo customer service, any change of plan must be done through manual intervention with $10 charge or through self serve in next billing cycle for free. In December, when opening a new line, there will be a billing credit to the new line for 12 months of $10. The next bill will show the details.  
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HEllo Ken.

The 10$ might be waived if you tel them you made a mistake!
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Thank you Robert. I think I should try to call in again instead of wait for another billing cycle. Having 6 GB is way more than what I need. 
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Updated. Koodo is kind enough to waive the $10 charge to do the switch of plan.