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Change my plan, no more 3G please

Hello. I am in Banff for the summer, I would like to stop the 3G for the summer, just have the wifi. How is it possible, i would like to change my plan please 🙂

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Log into your self serve, there you can change your plan however if your plan in an older plan you will not be able to change to a new plan in self serve and will need to call customer service to make the change. Also in that case you will need to pay off your tab in full before you can change to a new plan if you have a tab owing.
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Also, you will not be able to change it back to the plan that you currently have since it is probably no longer being offered at the same price. Although I know that when you say 3G you mean data, but 3G actually indicates voice/texting - and 3G does need to be on (as opposed to data, which you are referring to) since Koodo does not have 2G service.
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Do as everyone above said and add a datablock like that you will be sure to use no extra data on your phone
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Hey Kat! If you just want to use wifi while in Banff, you should add the data-block available via self-serve. If you want to change your plan, then you will have to call customer service at *611 to do so. Enjoy your summer!
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If you're too lazy and your cell phone supports it, disable cellular data.