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Chainging phones, new sim card number invalid

I just broke my phone and want to reactivate my old Koodo phone. When I enter its SIM card number it says that its is an invalid number. Note: sim card in old phone that I want to reactivate is bigger than sim card of the phone I broke.

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After 90 days of inactivity, a previously active sim cannot be used again. You will need to buy another sim
I would say that the SIM card is not doing the right contact with the SIM slot pins. I would personally recommend you to get a new SIM card or the adapter to convert your small SIM into a big one. Good luck!
I can attest to what Dennis said. I work with mobile phones. Sim cards are effectively your link to your account and once they become unused for 90 days they are removed from the system permanently, just like older phones that did not use sim cards. Any positive balance remaining on the account is also lost