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Why is when I turn off cellular data on my iPhone 4 i can no longer receive or send phone calls?

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Do you have a signal?
it says no service. 
but if i turn on cellular data i get the bars.  

why would it be conditional on cellular data being on?

i should be able to use my ph with the data turned off.  i'm in the middle of a city.   

i can't continue to keep data on simply because i keep racking up data charges.  

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You're leaving 3G on when you disable the cellular data, right?
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Make sure you don't confuse 3G with cellular data. 3G isn't cellular data unfortunately. You need 3G in order to have service when using your phone. What you want to do is to close "cellular data"
aha!  i shut them both off. thanks.
it says " using 3G loads data faster … " so i thought it was data related.