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  • 9 November 2014
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Anyone besides me having trouble with cell coverage today (Saturday, Nov 😎 in VICTORIA BC? This has probably been going on for a couple of days - some texts were sent to me yesterday that did not arrive (tho some did). All day today my phone has shown 'searching...' rather than any connection. I have no idea how to get Koodo's attention to this situation.

5 replies

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You just did, Marsha 🙂 Employees read this community - though as far as I know, not other reports of outages have been posted here.
You just did, Marsha 🙂 Employees read this community - though as far as I know, not other report...but you didn't offer me a solution?
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How many Bars are you receiving with the phone in your hand out of your pocket? Is this your first time on Koodo?
I was just getting 'searching...' - no bars. Eventually I found this site http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/im_gonna_jump_on_my_iphone_4_no_matter_what_says_no_service_helppppp_me and this seems to have have showed me how to solve the problem which was: * go to Settings and even tho it looked like cellular and 3G were on, apparently they were not, and when I turned them off and back on again, everything started working. * I think the root of the wrong settings was I was in an area on Wednesday night where American roaming coverage often kicks in even tho I was still in Canada, and I think the 'welcome to roaming' message did something negative to my 3G and cellular connection. Now, will I remember this the next time this happens?
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And that's why this is a pretty good place.....you will more likely to find an answer to your questions than anywhere else. I don't even think koodo could have helped you better.:-)