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Carry over unused data from previous several cycles

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Carry over unused data from previous several cycles. This way customers do not need to pay extra on months where data usage is a lot while in fact there are some months where data usage is not even half the limit.

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Hi Jerome, this is a great idea and has already received some support in this thread. http://community.koodomobile.com/koodo/topics/banked-rollover-data You should +1 that idea as well and help generate more interest. Thanks for re-posting and bring some attention back though 🙂
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Koodo could really cement customer relationships by offering 90-day no overage guarantee. If your monthly plan has say 100 mins & 100 MB, you would not be charged overage in any one month if your overall use for the past 3 was under 300 & 300.
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This is really a great idea. I just checked my bill for last month. I paid $5 for the only over-limited ~0.5MB. I hope the rest data usage, which I have already paid for, could be carried-on to the next month at least.