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cant call or text on my new iphone 7. the number wont verify

  • 30 July 2020
  • 5 replies

I’ve had the same phone number for years. I can’t send or receive texts or make or receive phone calls. The phone number says verifying in setting. Tried wiping the whole phone doing a factory reset, tried doing a network reset but still won’t verify

5 replies

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Does it still work in your old phone?

I’m not sure because my old one is smashed 

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Are you able to put it in any other phone?

Where did you get it from? You said new? I presume Koodo?

No I don’t have another phone I Can access ..yes, from Koodo  

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I'd personally have spent the extra 94 dollars on a refurbed SE.

So are you able to request a verification code from your password and security settings?