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Cannot receive incoming calls

Just signed up 24hrs ago. With a sim and my own iPhone 5c on the $60 unlimited calls and 2gb promo plan. I was receiving call just fine until this afternoon. My husband also with Koodo can text my number and receive calls from my number. But when calling me it says my number is not active.

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So you did not port over but started a new line just with Koodo? Try swapping Sims with another phone to see if it follows. Try again after midnight just in case there's some sort of timing issue related to you signing up.
I didn't port a number. It's new. And it was working. Then this evening it stopped. Tells caller my number isn't active. I already switched SIM cards after getting a dud. No other phone to put it in.
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I would then try again after midnight and if you are still having issues then I would suggest calling customer support