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cannot activate cellular data network

  • 20 August 2020
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Just returned from overseas and switched SIM card back to Koodo sim. Error message always when I try to use data “ could not activate cellular data network”

the phone still works for phone calls, and it still works in the wifi. 

I have tried switching off and restarting a few times. Have also tried removing and replacing the SIM card. 

phone worked without issue before I left Canada, and worked perfectly with foreign sim while I was away. 

I have iPhone 8, and the cellular date is switched on, as is the data roaming

I am quarantine for two weeks due to returning home during the COVID pandemic, so cannot go to a store for help, and Koodo  doesn’t have anyone to talk to  


1 reply

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Try going into your settings and reset your network settings.  Note that you will lose any saved bluetooth and wifi connections.


If that doesnt work check the APN settings