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Cancelling my service?

Do I need to pay anything to cancel my service? I'm using a medium tab I think and it's been a month. I want to cancel my service so I can go the apple store and trade in my iphone 5c for a 6 then come back.

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If it's been a month, then you can't return the phone anymore. And trading in your phone isn't the best idea, you might make more money selling it on the internet! Also, you don't need to terminate your account, you can just buy the iPhone 6 and switch SIM cards BUT if you want to cancel you would need to pay the rest of your tab (around 300$). You would need to call Koodo directly.Dial *611 from your cellphone or

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I agree with Robert. If you're going to come right back just buy the iPhone 6 (Take your SIM card out and put it in the iPhone 6) and then sell your 5c private sale using something like Kijiji or Craigslist. You'll have a much better return on investment.