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Cancelling my current rogers contract to pursue Koodo mobile.

I am currently with Rogers, the price for me to upgrade to the new iPhone 6 will be a fee of $270. The plan I will have when I upgrade will be $75 a month, which includes unlimited Canada wide talk and text, and 2 gb of data. I am currently shopping around for the best price with a 2 year plan, if I cancel with rogers I would want a great deal. What can koodo mobile offer me to sign a 2 year contract and purchase the new iPhone 6 with koodo?

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Hi Alex, welcome here 🙂 First of all, if you change providers, DO NOT cancel your Rogers plan, port your number out instead (if you want to keep it). Just a heads up 🙂 As for Koodo, the beauty is that you can pick any of the plans and then get the iPhone with Tab S (you pay more up front) or Tab M (you pay less up front, but $5 per month extra on your bill). There are some Tab L plans but I can only give you one advice: stay away from those. If you need more help in selecting a plan, tell us what your needs are and we'll probably be able to "talk you into" a suitable plan 😃
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I'm assuming you meant Rogers is giving you that plan. Did Rogers say anything about your plan or is that what retention offered you after the upgrade? They now require anyone to migrate over to the new share plans to get subsidy on any high end new phone, which starts at $80/month for Unlimited calls and 500MB. If you wanted 2GB data that would be $90. As for Koodo, Tab M is where the value is. If you wanted 2GB data, you would be paying more upfront for the phone than Rogers, but the cost of the plan with Koodo would actually be $75/month after Tab charge. So if Rogers is offering you that plan for an iPhone 6 to upgrade and they're giving it to you at their contract price, I would take it, because Robellus actually has better high subsidy plans then Koodo does, plus some exclusive phones. Now if they're forcing you to take the $90 plan, then that's $15/month more than Koodo. $15 * 24 months =$360 extra assuming you take Koodo's Tab M, which is - 300 off the retail of a phone. If Koodo's Tab M price for the iPhone 6 is less than $360 difference between the cost of your upgrade than Rogers, then Koodo's the better deal. Plus they'll have international texts and 10 voicemails standard; Rogers charges extra for those.