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Cancelling 3 year term with iPhone 4s

I have tried to contact Koodo through e-mail about my question, however, I did not receive an appropriate response. I am looking to cancel my account with Koodo, but I am on a 3 year term because I got the iPhone 4s. Do I just have to pay the remaining price on the iPhone or is there a penalty for the months that I have left? When the customer service representative answered me he gave me direction on how to have my phone repaired and check if it was still under warranty...I feel as though this did not answer my question at all. Can anyone help?!

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When you sign up for a three-year term, the plan is yours to keep for the three-year term. If you decide to cancel before then, you simply have to pay the remaining balance on the discount you received on the purchase of your iPhone. http://koodomobile.com/en/on/iPhone.shtml
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I would give Koodo a call. They have a cancellation calculator and would be able to let you know the exact amount you would owe. EDIT: I know they have it because I have personally seen it.