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Canadian calling and receiving from U.S.

I'm a BC customer. (iPhone 4s) I'm wondering about sending text messages, or calling to the U.S. And also receiving calls from the U.S. Will my bills go through the roof? I can't seem to find an area where this question is addressed. If possible, can I add this feature for a bit extra added to my bill? Thank you!

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Hi Roberta,

All recent Koodo plans come with international texting. As long as you are in Canada, you can text anywhere in the world and receive texts from anywhere in the world at no extra charge

Incoming Calls:
As long as you are in Canada, you will be charged your regular airtime for any call from any nation, so act accordingly to that

Outgoing Calls:
While you are calling the US, you can get an add-on on your account for 10$ per month that allows you to call the US from Canada using your regular airtime rate. Without this add-on you will be charged 0.45$/minute.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!
Thank you very much! I appreciate it. I better add onto my account.
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Roberta Kennedy wrote:

Thank you very much! I appreciate it. I better add onto my account.

Hi Roberta, you can easily add the $10 "U.S. Unlimited" feature online via your Self Serve account http://koo.do/1K0PuQI 🙂 Have a great weekend!
Hello, I have two questions. I have unlimited texting (and unlimited calling Canada wide) and know that I can send world wide texts but was under the understanding that it was just in Canada only in terms of receiving so I tell my family in the states "don't text me call me only". Now I read that I can receive texts worldwide, is this true?
Second question. I just added Unlimited LD US as all of my extended family is in the states with the understanding that now I can. Can I travel with my phone on roam in the US and receive and make unlimited calls in the US?
Thank you so much for you time.
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While you are in Canada, you can send or receive texts anywhere, and call anywhere in Canada or receive calls from anywhere. US Long Distance add-on gives you a deal on calling those numbers. They can call you anytime at no extra charge to you, but it will be long distance to them.

Once you physically move the phone out of the Canada, it's a different story entirely: you are then roaming, or playing out of your league and your unlimited packages valid in Canada will not work.

If you have more than just a casual attachment to US family, you could look at getting a VoIP number in the US and having the calls forwarded to your Canadian number, and getting a US burner phone such as Tracfone to handle your calls while you are in the states. A start, then  work back: