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Canada Wide Plan- Will it work in Quebec?

My brother is on a school field trip to Beauport, Quebec right now. Were on the Canada-wide plan, so his phone should work there. I checked the coverage maps and it stated that the area is under 4G HSPA/LTE coverage. I've been texting him and calling him for a day now and he is not responding back. Is there any chance that is phone is not working there right now? He has an iPhone 4S.

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Everything should be working like normal. There should be no reason for him to not receive the texts/calls unless the service has been suspended or he has turned off his phone. I hope your brother is okay!
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Maybe they're not allowing him to use his phone or he didn't bring it? Then again a whole day is a long time for no reply so I would be worried too.
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Maybe he is just enjoying his time out there and has his phone off.
Thanks guys. It turns out he did lose service about halfway to Quebec...but its strange because it should have worked since we do have a Canada wide plan...