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Canada wide calling Base plans for prepaid.

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I would upgrade to the 25 $ base plan if the weekend and evenings were canada wide. Due to the nature of a MOBILE phone, I don't believe "local" should ever be a restriction. And based off this video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPYvYoXtVhw, I believe Koodo agrees to that! Make prepaid base plan options with Canada wide calling! Other then that, YOU GUYS ARE GREAT KOODO!

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I agree! All minutes in the base plan's should be Canada-wide just like the normal plans
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Yup, agreed too! It could be argued it's a trick to convince people to go on monthly plans instead of prepaid, but nope, we want included prepaid LD :oP
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Agreed! It is very strange that the boosters are Canada wide and the rest is not... doesn't make sense at all.
Yes, I agree! Should be Canada Wide Calls!