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Can't use any data because I go over the data plan without using any of it.

When I first got my Koodo plan I had no problem with data (1024MB). Then after a couple months I started going over my allowance, and I wasnt using it. So I started turning off my data at every opportunity and now turn it off all the time and I'm still going over my data plan. Support just credited me for this month but had no solution. Anyone else have this problem?

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What Kind of phone do you have? you need to disable apps from running in the backround unless on wifi, turn off gps/location services.
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Considering the fact that he has tagged an iPhone, he must have an iPhone. Go in to Settings > Cellular and see what app uses most of your data and try to find out why!
Yes, I have turned off all the gps/location except for a couple apps. Even so, I cannot imagine that I have allowed 1,24MB of data through in the last month. It shows 1,935 MB on May 27 and very little on other dates. Not at all sure why this would happen. I consciously do not use any data let alone 1,935BM on one day.
Just in case you have it turned on, check to make sure that your phone is not set up to work as a tethering device. If it is, random people could poosibly be accessing your phone as a mobile hotspot and using your data.
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Garry. GPS/location isn't what is using your data. MAke sure you check in the good place. The page should look like this :

Personal hotspot is turned off and always has been. Is that all I have to check? And I did turn off all of the apps from the screen shot above.
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Garry Garbet wrote:

Personal hotspot is turned off and always has been. Is that all I have to check? And I did tu...

If you did turn off all the apps form the screenshot above, then your cellphone isn't able to use any data. Therefore it is impossible to use any data and go over the limit...
Any chance the phone is set to update the OS automatically?